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Lifestyle counseling

Our Services 

We offer health and wellness services with a focus on weight management. We recognize that in our current obesogenic environment, achieving and maintaining our ideal bodies can be challenging.  

We help you reach and maintain your health goals through tailored lifestyle modifications that is personalized to your unique individual needs.     

Our Locations 

Our head office is  located in Yorkville, Toronto, with affiliated offices throughout Canada, US and globally. 

We also offer virtual appointments through our online portal. This has been convenient for our clients who are busy professionals and prefer to have us come to them, virtually.   

Talking on the Phone

Our Plans

Our health and wellness plans are offered as packages that span from three months to annually. Want to know what is the best plan for you? 

Contact our office to find out more. 

The DNA Doctors Experience

Our philosophy is to offer an alternative to the one-size-fits all approach in health and wellness. 

We respect individuality and your personal goals to be the best version of you. 

We are here to create the plan with you and guide you on your journey.

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